Our safety program is led by a committee of eleven people, from all positions and departments within the company, both from our controls and power groups. Project Managers, HR, Engineers, Apprentices, Journeymen, and the President are all permanent members on the Safety Committee. We also have rotating schedule of employees who serve 4 month terms, to ensure that all employees are involved in, and bought into, our safety culture.

We partner with SW MGT, a safety consulting firm in Grand Rapids, to perform detailed jobsite inspections on our projects. Each inspection is followed by a report, showing any items that need attention and correction. The SW MGT team also provides us with consulting services, and helps support our safety committee by attending all meetings.

Safety Inspections

We conduct daily safety inspections on all of our jobs. These inspections are followed up with a written report given to the project manager that details any violations requiring immediate action.

Safety Training

Each of our employees receives on-going instruction and education in areas that affect our trade. Most often these safety classes are led by professionals in the field or by the Safety Manager.

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