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    Looking for PLC & Robotic Systems Integration?

    Contact the controls and automation experts at Hoekstra Electrical Services.


    Industrial Robots

    • Material handling, assembly and welding.
    • Vision guidance integration.
    • Position reteach, and cycle time analysis and improvement.

    Robotic Systems Training

    We offer personalized, hands-on, on-site training for your robotic system. Consider additional training for your operators, electricians and maintenance technicians. Training topics could include standard operation procedures, vision applications, pendant usage, troubleshooting and other application specific needs.

    Preventative Maintenance

    Scheduled preventative maintenance is key to productivity and longevity, preventing catastrophic failures that may occur otherwise. A well-maintained robot will maximize your investment and minimize production downtime.

    Some of our Services:

    • Greasing and Lubrication
    • End Effector Inspection
    • Component Inspection and Replacement
    • System Backup, Encoder and Memory Battery Replacement
    • Verify DCS Checks are Active
    • Check and Note Collision Detects on each Joint
    • Check and Note any Grease Leaks
    • Check ,Clean, or Replace Fan

    Robotic Systems Service and Support

    Our team is available to assist with any of your service needs. We offer remote troubleshooting as well as on-site assistance. We can also help by adding functionality, updating software.

    Robotics Integrator

    Robotic Systems FAQs

    Hoekstra is a Certified Servicing Integrator. This certification assures that we have met all of FANUC’s strict criteria and are able to provide prompt, efficient customer support. The certification process requires mastery in knowledge of FANUC robot operations, programming, troubleshooting, maintenance and preventative maintenance.

    All of our Service Technicians are well-versed with FANUC robots and controls logic. A training course can be scheduled for any FANUC robot you have either at the Hoekstra facility or at your location.

    Because Hoekstra’s Service team consists of Applications Engineers, Controls Engineers and Robot Technicians with experience ranging from two years to over twenty, our technicians are able to service a wide variety of robots. Where your system was purchased does not factor into the level of support you will receive. Our Service Technicians can train your maintenance team to perform routine robot maintenance without external service assistance.

    Robotic Systems Service, Michigan