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Learn the Electrical Trade From A Leader In The Industry

Hoekstra Electrical Services Apprenticeship Program provides new or experienced apprentices with opportunities to learn from peers, interact with Journeymen and grow their careers at the best electrical company in West Michigan.   

Electrical Apprenticeship Program

HES Apprenticeship Advantages:

  1. Monthly Hands on Labs
  2. Free Electrical Classes on site utilizing national recognized curriculum 
  3. Diversified Learning/training our markets   
  4. 1on1 Mentoring available 

Why choose to be an electrician:

— Hands on work with problem solving involved.
— Great work environments and one of the highest paying trades.
— Low cost of entry and training compared to other careers.

Why choose Hoekstra Electric:

— Mission/Vision/Values: It drives everything we do!
— Family Feel: large enough to have variety of experience and small enough — to care!
— Great customer base and work that is LOCAL.

Why did we start our own ONSITE apprenticeship training program:

— We desired to INVEST more into our apprentices and customize their learning.
— To be able to build RELATIONSHIPS and encourage each other .
— We wanted to take our 19+ years of learning and knowledge and teach one of the top curriculums out there.

Next Steps:
Start your journey to building the career you want, join the Hoekstra Electrical Services Apprenticeship Program. Please fill out the ‘I want to learn more’ form or call us at 616.796.9000. We’d love to talk with you.

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I want to learn more:

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The Hoekstra Electrical Services apprenticeship program provides new or experienced appren- tices with opportunities to learn from peers, interact and learn from journeymen and grow their careers directly at a thriving electrical company verses the typical college setting.

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