Apprenticeship Program

HES Apprenticeship Advantages:

  1. Monthly Hands on Labs.
  2. Free Electrical Classes on site utilizing national recognized curriculum.
  3. Diversified Learning/training our markets.
  4. 1on1 Mentoring available.

— Hands on work with problem solving involved.
— Great work environments and one of the highest paying trades.
— Low cost of entry and training compared to other careers.

— Mission/Vision/Values: It drives everything we do!
— Large enough to have variety of experience and small enough — to care!
— Great customer base and work that is LOCAL.

— We desired to INVEST more into our apprentices and customize their learning.
— To be able to build RELATIONSHIPS and encourage each other .
— We wanted to take our 19+ years of learning and knowledge and teach one of the top curriculums out there.

electrical apprenticeship program, holland, mi
electrical apprenticeship program
electrical apprenticeship program, West Michigan